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Our Mission

The United Clergy Task Force is dedicated to

  • Fostering equal access to affordable housing,

  • Health and wellness education

  • Racial equality and workforce development initiatives


Our projects aim to provide each community with affordable, quality housing, modern schools, and public amenities such as senior centers, primary care clinics, and schools.​

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Our History

The United Clergy Task Force (UCTF) was initially founded in 2013 as a non-profit and non-denominational coalition of over 250 faith organizations. The United Clergy Task Force dedicates itself to fostering equal access to affordable housing, health and wellness education, racial equality, and workforce development initiatives.

Building Homes

Community Impact

Working with leaders in workforce development, the UCTF has developed a nationally unique workforce development strategy that creates training and employment opportunities for residents in the concentric economic activity generated by its story.

As part of a health initiative to ensure equal access to appropriate information and necessary services to level opportunities for underserved communities, United Clergy Task Force formed the Inclusion Coalition Halifax Initiative. The African American Church in the rural community is the longstanding institutional backbone and represents the collectivistic culture interwoven into the fabric of the lives of African Americans.

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